A Presentation for AECOM

Opportunity: a chance to win a premier client URS Corporation (now AECOM), a multi-national engineering, design and construction firm, saw an opportunity to break into a new municipal market. The City of Milwaukee had put out a request for proposals for an economic development plan for its premier industrial corridor and URS believed it could win the work.

Data table produced by incumbent firm
Data table produced by incumbent firm.

Challenge: how to communicate competitive advantage URS had novel ideas and was confident it could bring a more rigorous and insightful approach to this type of planning. The challenge for URS was that it needed to clearly distinguish itself from the competition. URS needed help developing a proposal that would capture the City's attention and clearly demonstrate its ability to deliver a product that was superior to the traditional planning analysis.

Solution: partnering with Big Lake Data to demonstrate a fresh approach Knowing that it needed to strongly signal its fresh approach, URS invited Big Lake Data to join its planning team as a data analysis and data visualization consultant. Working collaboratively with the URS team, Big Lake Data surveyed work performed for the City in the past and identified key ways that the methodology and communication of results could be improved.

To show off the new approach, Big Lake Data took a standard data table found in a prior report and transformed it into a visualization that clearly revealed the story within the data. In its successful written proposal, URS led with Big Lake Data’s data visualization as an example of its new approach. When this proposal led to a finalist interview, URS again turned to Big Lake Data to help develop a winning presentation.

Results: winning the contract and breaking into a new market The URS team won the contract from the City of Milwaukee, displacing the incumbent consultant. As a member of the consulting team, Big Lake Data built a custom tool to advance the team’s market study methodology, data analysis, and data visualization.

Big Lake Data
Big Lake Data's "makeover" using the same data.

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