Partnership for Working Families

The Partnership for Working Families is a national advocacy network that helps local communities organize around economic and environmental issues. The Partnership for Working Families saw an opportunity to expand one of its national campaigns with local partners in Wisconsin. But before it could make a financial commitment to the campaign, the Partnership for Working Families, needed to a due diligence investigation of the local situation.

As part of the due diligence effort, Big Lake Data conducted an in-depth market analysis of the target industry. We acquired and interpreted the relevant market data, interviewed key players in the industry, and verified critical conclusions with field discovery. Our report was more than an assemblage of quantitative and qualitative information – we also delivered a clear road map for successful action.

stacked report pages

“Matt took on a complex project for our network that involved data collection and analysis, relational research, and reading political tea leaves. He immediately grasped the task at hand, and in a very short amount of time, delivered a full-blown campaign concept and a concrete set of recommendations for next steps our organization should take. Throughout he was responsive to feedback, and timelines, and made time to contribute leadership to the overall team effort as well as his specific work. He has a rare blend of research and analytical capacity, interpersonal skills, and political astuteness.”

– Hays Witt, The Partnership for Working Families

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