Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc.

The Menomonee Valley Partners, Inc. (MVP) is an economic development organization focused on the revitalization of Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley. In 2013, MVP had invested in an advertising campaign to create buzz as a way to increase awareness of a new Valley branch of the Urban Ecology Center, newly-created Three Bridges Park, and expanded Hank Aaron State Trail. They wanted to know whether these desired outcomes could be measured in order to assess their advertising campaign.

MVP asked Big Lake Data for help. To measure the buzz on social media, we collected a continuous stream of Twitter data before, during, and after MVP’s campaign. We also built a real-time, interactive dashboard, which enabled MVP to explore the dynamics of social media activity related to Valley activities during this period. We helped them identify the sources most effective in re-circulating the message – partners that could be valuable in future get-out-the-message campaigns.

MVP's Twitter Dashboard
MVP's Twitter Dashboard (static capture).

Our work was well-received:

“Your data and maps today were SO COOL! Wow! It’s amazing how much seeing it visually helps us really understand the issues in the Valley. Very, very cool stuff!

All I wanted leaving that meeting was to grab some take-out and spend the rest of the day in a conference room with [Jim] and [Sue] hashing out the weird little cases in the data – so much more fun and intriguing than other things awaiting me at my desk.

Really good data presentation makes us eager to learn more and really understand the stories the data are telling… I’m so glad you’re on this team!!”

– Corey Zetts, Menomonee Valley Partners

tweets per day dashboard
MVP's Tweets per Day Dashboard (static capture).

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