Leveraging Insights from Crime Data

It was a pleasure working with Matt, as he did a great job of walking us through the data analysis process, listening to our needs as an organization, and putting together a final product that will be useful as we continue to plan programming and future projects in the District. - Leif Otteson, Executive Director, Gateway to Milwaukee

The Gateway to Milwuakee Business Improvement District had a problem: it couldn’t determine what the real crime trends were in its program area. The crime data were publicly available, but only in a summarized manner that would not allow an organization like the Gateway to Milwaukee to make data-driven decisions.

The Gateway BID hired Big Lake Data to solve this problem. We developed custom software to assemble 10-years’ worth of crime incidents into a single database for analysis. We geolocated over 100,000 individual crime incidents and conducted a robust spatial analysis of the data to understand crime patterns in and around the Gateway BID.

Using our findings, the Gateway BID was able to counter false perceptions about crime in its area. Instead, it was able to tell a fact-based story about falling crime trends.

This positive story was picked up by local news stations, like this below:

total crime

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