Midwest BikeShare Spatial Analysis

Midwest BikeShare Inc. had an ambitious plan to launch a bike share program in a large Midwestern metro. It had succeeded in convincing premier sponsors to make large financial investments in the program. Now, it was ready for the next stage of planning. Midwest BikeShare asked Big Lake Data for insight and direction in the site selection of its bike share stations.

To perform this spatial analysis, Big Lake Data reviewed the latest academic and applied research, identified the relevant data, and used GIS technology to delineate optimal service areas. With a background analysis in-hand, we then presented different feasibility scenarios and planning recommendations to its Board of Directors to help them choose the best course of action.

We delivered a rigorous analysis that not only answered the questions at hand – but also gave our client the information they needed to make the best data-driven decisions.

Selected slide
Selected slide from spatial analysis presentation.

“Great meeting with the board. Your insight was hugely helpful.”

– Kevin Hardman, Launch Director of Midwest BikeShare Inc.

title slide
Title slide from spatial analysis.

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