A Map for BikeShare

Midwest BikeShare Inc. had an ambitious plan to launch a bike share program in a large Midwestern metro area. Their initial challenge was to convince local stakeholders and premier sponsors in the city to commit to the program. Midwest BikeShare knew it needed a compelling visual that would paint the picture of a fully-functioning network.

The bike share start-up turned to Big Lake Data to create their custom network map. We suggested an interactive map would draw-in and push their potential sponsors toward investment in the project.

We created a web-based interactive map of the proposed bike share stations – designed to capture interest and demonstrate a credible business model. Midwest BikeShare now had a tool it could easily deploy in either formal presentations with investors or impromptu encounters with potential supporters.

phase map
Phase map (static capture).

When a link to Google Maps won’t cut it, get in touch with Big Lake Data. We’re ready to make you a bespoke and perfectly-styled interactive map that will tell your story with clarity and impact. Email us info@biglakedata.com today.

2015 Update: Midwest BikeShare Inc. has successfully launched as BublrBikes. We were later commissioned to conduct an in-depth scenario analysis of growth strategies for our client. And we’re chuffed that our spatial analysis continues to inform how BublrBikes builds out its network. Bike on, Milwaukee!