Solutions We Provide

We pride ourselves on solving data problems big and small with appropriate methods and best practice graphical presentations of results.



Big Lake Data will put you – and your data – on the map. A well-executed map draws-in your audience and allows them to explore the locations which interest them most.

interactive graphics

We’ll take your data from static pixels to WOW! Complicated datasets which require deep-understanding are often buried in 40-page reports. Let us turn your readers into users by giving them the ability to engage your dataset on their own terms. They’ll develop a deeper understanding of your argument by discovering patterns themselves.

network graphs

Network graphs can reveal and efficiently describe complex relationships between observations. From simple but powerful diagrams to advanced community detection tools, Big Lake Data will help you explore your data to discover and communicate otherwise hidden insights.


Need to make data-driven decisions in the midst of shifting information tides? Big Lake Data will get relevant information front and center with a real-time data dashboards. A dashboard will centralize important information while making sure it’s always up-to-date. Or we can gamify your organization with a scoreboard to focus attention on relevant metrics.


data collection

Don’t get tangled-up at the start of an analysis. Big Lake Data will help you collect the right data. Gathering appropriate and meaningful data can be a challenge. Whether the data is open, proprietary, or self-generated, we can help you acquire and process it.

market research

Before making a big decision, bolster your idea with quality analysis from Big Lake Data. Important organizational decisions often need good data, hypothesis tests, and forecasting. We’ll verify assumptions, consider other relevant factors, conduct a review of relevant literature, and make concrete recommendations in a white paper tailored to your needs.

exploratory analysis

Give curiosity a budget and the return on your investment might surprise you. The goal of exploratory analysis is to find unnoticed relationships and patterns in order to suggest areas for deeper investigation. From simple to advanced techniques, we’ll use proven methods to test out an idea or reveal hidden value in your data.

spatial analysis

Do your observations come with a location that you haven’t figured out how to exploit or even account for in traditional analyses? Big Lake Data will take your place-based data and get results. If G.I.S. is outside the scope of your existing workflows, consider having us apply advanced statistical techniques and the latest technology to deliver intuitive and compelling spatial analysis.

custom tools

When the answer to your problem doesn’t come in a box, let Big Lake Data build your solution. Sometimes a specialized tool is really what you need to understand and present your data. From front-end web development, to data processing and analytic code scripting, we can help.


presentation and speaker support

Don’t let your critical message get swamped by meaningless visuals or a wandering narrative. Even the very best ideas can get overwhelmed by a sea of bullet points, small text, or hard-to-read charts. Big Lake Data can help you communicate your message with maximum impact. We excel at helping clients deliver breakthrough presentations.

training sessions

Learn how to fish for yourself. One-on-one or in small groups, Big Lake Data can help your team acquire new skills with hands-on training and workshops. Facing the same data project repeatedly? We’ll prepare you for continued success, while saving you money by turning the folks in the cubicle next-door into those goto data savvy people you always wanted.


Don’t toss your hard work into a throw-a-way presentation assembled at the last minute. We’ll hone the compelling narrative you know your data contains. Let us help prepare your big talk with an elegant slide deck filled with meaningful graphs and visuals instead of those listless bullet points. Or have us help you revise a collection of memos into a succinct report studded with figures. Big Lake Data will help you faithfully communicate your data findings with impact. Need to get away from the podium? We can teach you to roam a room and own the audience’s attention with motion data graphics you control with your fingers tips.

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