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Building non-profit capacity

Milwaukee’s IMPACT Planning Council has a new blog post about a recent web map training I led with Virginia Carlson.

Two weeks after the training, attendees returned for a discussion and the opportunity to share maps. Several of the group members had successfully created a map, and most people came back with questions. The group spent the second meeting discussing the maps that had been created by attendees, sharing frustrations, exploring solutions and celebrating successes. Virginia and Matt went through step-by-step solutions to problems brought up by participants.

With rise of open source software and open data, today’s non-profits have new ways to effectively analyze and present their spatial data. Having a lean budget is no longer a reason for not doing this well.

By sponsoring these type of skill-building trainings, IMPACT Planning Council is shaking things up in Wisconsin’s non-profit community. They’ve identified a need and are enthusiastically moving to build this type of capacity in our community.


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