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building a custom analytics tool


We’re pretty excited about the ongoing development of the custom business intelligence tool pictured above. Combining multiple public data sources with our client’s proprietary data has made the difference in their investment decisions.

When making an important decision, its crucial to have all the key information in the same place. Not there yet? Don’t worry, we can help. Get in touch.

for the win

We have a professional development budget here at Big Lake Data. As such, I recently completed a graduate course in data mining at Stanford University. The best part of the course was competing as a team with two other working-professionals on a predictive modeling contest sponsored by Kaggle. We programmed everything in R. And for a guy like me, who hacked my way into R, collaborating with a couple of wicked-smart computer scientists was a revelation.

We won. You can read the hoary details of how we did it from the Kaggle winners’ blog. No cash prize, but substantial bragging rights awarded . . . and claimed.

Predictive modeling? Other types of analytics? Yes, we can help you with that. Get in touch.

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